There was a time when I used to pretend that I had a split personality.i wanted someone else to blame for my actions and there comes a point when you have to be strong and not blame everything on your past.
Her name was Lisa. There were some places in Dallas that I would go and they only knew me as Lisa. She was the bad girl and the one I blamed for everything. I even have a different way of signing my name when I was her.( she signed my name I didn’t sign hers) lol…
There were more of them and I was writing a novel once about a serial killer with a split personality . My ex was so nosy I decided to write him into the story and sure enough he found it and thought I was going to kill him. He even showed it to my little brother and had him believing it. It must have been good he took it with him when he left. Lol
Anyway back to work break time is over


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